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  • Position:Sales Director Company:开户送88元体验金 Asia Location:Foshan Published in:2021-10-22

    Job category:Sales ? Recruitment number:Certain ? Education: Bachelor's degree or above ? Accommodation: ? Salary:TBD

    Job Description:

    Sales strategy and plan management

    1) According to the company's annual strategic plan, combine with market analysis and develop an annual sales strategy.

    2) Organize sales team internal discussion, and base on the analysis of competitors and market conditions to clarify the trend of customer demand changes, and adjust sales strategies

    3) Make annual sales plans based on the company's annual strategic plan.

    4) Make the monthly sales plan according to the company's annual sales plan and based on customer needs and market expectations.

    Sales Management

    1) Supervise and evaluate the effectiveness of sales leads, review the progress of sales leads on a regular basis, and assist to make the order if necessary.

    2) Review the product configuration plan or overall solution that provided to the customer, and participate in the design of important customer solutions.

    3) Supervise the implementation of the payment, to ensure the completion rate of payment.

    Customer Service Relationship Management

    1) Organize and have continuous improvement of customer information database.

    2) Supervise the implementation of customer visits and maintenance.


    1) Bachelor degree or above, majored in marketing related majors, etc.

    2) 5 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry, familiar with the industry and competitors, proficient in marketing techniques and sales management.

    3) More than 12 years of work experience, and more than 8 years of sales related positions.

    4) Understand corporate strategy, business model and good industry research.

    5) Customer-oriented thinking, analytical thinking and strong planning and execution ability.

    6) Excellent sales and interpersonal skills, good project organization and coordination ability.

    7) Fluent in English both writing and speaking.

  • Position:Regional Sales Manager Company:开户送88元体验金 Asia Location:Foshan Published in:2021-07-02

    Job category:Sales ? Recruitment number:Certain ? Education: College degree or above ? Accommodation: ? Salary:TBD

    Sales Manager (Two in India, one in Africa except South Africa)

    (Gross salary: 8K-20K/month)


    Job Responsibility:

    Responsible for the sales of corrugated board production line;


    1. Responsible for visiting, business negotiation and contract signing of potential customers in the region to ensure the achievement of sales tasks;


    2. Responsible for collecting quarterly information and intelligence of competitors in the region;


    3. Arrange the visits based on customer's schedules;


    4. Maintain the customer information in the CRM (customer relationship management) system to ensure the completeness of customer information timely.


    5. According to customer requirements and product demand, provide customers with product quotations, sales contracts and related business information;


    6. Responsible for the follow-up of the payment after the signing of the contract and the collection of the receivables to ensure that the receivables collection goal is reached;


    7. According to customer feedback information, follow up customer quality complaints and after-sales service issues in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.


    Job Requirements:

    1. More than 5 years of direct sales of industrial products, strong market development ability, mechanical manufacturing related majors are preferred;


    2. Strong communication skills and market sensitivity;


    3. Able to adapt to long-term overseas business trips (1-1.5 months each time for traveling abroad)


    4. English can be used as a working language;



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