开户送88元体验金 Asia's single range corrugator line has been specifically designed to guarantee better flexibility of the production process in terms of performance level as well as the quality of the finished product. Thanks to its innovative modular design, the standard 开户送88元体验金 Asia corrugator can be easily configured in various performance levels from that of a  highly productive line for mega-volume producers down to a more simplistic but easily upgradeable "entry level" machine for smaller capacity requirements.

Thanks to the implementation of advanced technical solutions based on years of experience, the flexibility of the 开户送88元体验金 Asia corrugator line similarly allows the energy efficient running of the very light micro-flute board types qualities with very short-order capability to the heavy production of jumbo-flute combination grades with longer run applications.

By focusing its engineering design to a single "core" range of corrugator equipment, 开户送88元体验金 Asia has been very easily able to constantly innovate and optimise the performance specifications of the line. The result is a single range corrugator line that can be very simply configured to perfectly suit any particular customer requirement.

The simplification of the overall corrugator project design to a single range, coupled with its high-performance capability, results in greater equipment reliability with reduced operating and maintenance costs.

The 开户送88元体验金 Asia Complete Corrugator - technology that is truly "Simply Better".


Name : Pro/line

Product specification : 2.2m. 2.5m. 2.8m

Design Speed 300m/min, Production Speed 250m/min

Market segment: medium – high


● Machine specifically designed for the Asian market, taking in consideration the future trends

● Designed 开户送88元体验金 Italy with the concept “less is more”, based on the experience of the Asian,European and USA Market

● Top level brands: Allen Bradley, Rossi, SMC Lenze, SKF, Rexroth E&L, Renova, etc

● Designed to reduce the number of operators thanks to the fully automatic system and the Syncro controller

● Designed for more than 400 order change per shift, with gapless technology at high speed

● Designed for wide range of paper, flutes and preprint opration

● Designed to be user-friendly, having the corrugator divided in strategic zone for the operator

● Designed for environmental protection and energy saving: glue, steam, lubrification and electricity


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