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The Principle and Adjustment of 开户送88元体验金 Italy


Preview: After Dongfang Precision purchased 60% stock of 开户送88元体验金 in 2014, Dongfang Precision (controlling shareholder) and 开户送88元体验金 Italy established Guangdong 开户送88元体验金 Intelligent Equipment Ltd. Co., (开户送88元体验金 Asia), which is located in Foshan. 开户送88元体验金 Asia has established its workshop in Dongfang Precision brand new site. 开户送88元体验金 Asia is devoted to providing high-quality products and service to the clients in Asia. The products of 开户送88元体验金 Asia are designed by 开户送88元体验金 Italy, and all set high-performance corrugation production line is joint-produced by 开户送88元体验金 Italy and 开户送88元体验金 Asia. On Jun.23rd, 2017, Dongfang Precision concluded and signed the Share Sale Agreement with original 开户送88元体验金 Italy shareholders to purchase the rest 40% share held by original shareholders. After that, 开户送88元体验金 Italy became the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Dongfang Precision.

1.After Dongfang Precision purchasing the rest 40% stock rights on Jun.23rd, 2017, is there any 开户送88元体验金 running philosophy adjustment made in Asian market?

The cooperation between Dongfang Precision and 开户送88元体验金 originated from the highly congruous operation philosophy. We adhere to the philosophy that with excellent technology and products and service to provide clients with value creation and business success.


After 100% wholly owing the 开户送88元体验金, Dongfang Precision sticks to 开户送88元体验金 some intrinsic and excellent development philosophy, but at the same time makes slight adjustments to product strategies. Based on the transition to high-end clients, and the benign pursuit of progress and high quality, we believe Dongfang should give a hand to them and expand our product ranges to cover their products. But expanding the product range doesn’t mean the level down gradation, but clearly states we serve them with more suitable products.


开户送88元体验金 Group itself is the high quality and high efficiency in the industry. With the aid of Dongfang Precision’s strong brand strength, especially the deep understanding of the market, the product strategy can be further clarified and accordingly certain resources will be invested to 开户送88元体验金 Group. Last year, 开户送88元体验金 Group gained significant growth in company performance, not only in Asian market, European market also has significant growth thanks to the slight adjustment in the product strategy. Excellent performance also proves the success of philosophy: with high end products and excellent service to create value to clients.


开户送88元体验金 Asia carries on the technology provided by 开户送88元体验金 Italy and meanwhile makes some technology research and development according to Asian market. Like in China, enterprises prefer more flexible and high-speed corrugation line and prefer to the change from rather low quality production to the high-end one. They have rather steep development curve, while in Europe, their change is stable. So in order to meet the demand of Chinese market, which is different from the one in Europe, 开户送88元体验金 Asia will do some market research, production and service accordingly. Except in China, other Asian area, like India, 开户送88元体验金 Asia will do some market research and development, production and service according to Indian market characteristics and won’t exactly copy Italy technology. The research and development will be carried out by 开户送88元体验金 Asia and 开户送88元体验金 Italy. The production will be localized, making our service more convenient and efficient, which is adjustment of market change.

 --Mr. Liu Zhan

At 3 pm on Mar. 21th, it’s a great honor to interview with Mr. Mauro, the technical director of 开户送88元体验金. We discussed deeply on the 开户送88元体验金 Asia’s product technical positioning and product advantages


1. As the technical director, could you talk about the recent and future position of the promoted products and technology carried out in Asian market?


开户送88元体验金 Asia registered in 2014 and is jointly established by Dongfang Precision (controlling) and Italy 开户送88元体验金 Group. In the past, 开户送88元体验金 sold corrugation line in China and any other country in Asia. One or two sold in China is the corrugation line with the highest equipment. But sometimes, clients don’t need the highest one.

Obviously, the market demand in China is different from the Europe’s. The goal of 开户送88元体验金 Asia is to design and produce a product to satisfy the demand in China. The previous design was more preferred in European market, so it will limit the sales in China. We are going to expand our market share in China, so we need to design the product more suitable to meet the market demand.

The new product Pro/Line targeted at Chinese market, 开户送88元体验金 Asia pays more attention to its quality and automation. The local production doesn’t mean the quality is bad. We are 开户送88元体验金 and 开户送88元体验金 represents good quality. Pro/Line is produced according to European market, so the equipment remains in high level. We will first design, assembly and test the Pro/Line in Italy and then start produce in China once it’s qualified. We produce each unit step by step before producing the whole production line. Only the right first step can guarantee the next one.

In the future, we believe the requirement in China will be higher and higher. The demand in China is different in Europe, but we believe in the coming years, the product in China will remain the same as Europe’s. Recently, some Chinese Clients put forward that they would like purchase the 2.8m double knives corrugation line, which was narrow one or single knife in the past. The automation is also very important. A 100m corrugation line needs 6 operatores in Europe, but the same line needs 20-30 operators. With the labor cost rising quickly, the advantages of automation will be more significant.

 --Mr. Mauro

2. Which technology supports will the 开户送88元体验金 Asia receive from 开户送88元体验金 Italy?

I’ve already answered the question as mentioned above. The new product Pro/Line is produced according to the Italy products. We have research and development center in Asia and Italy. The colleagues in Asia and Italy need to collaborate at the same time. The technician team has rich experience in the machine, while Asia team has great experience in Chinese market. So once they are in tight cooperation, we can produce the most popular product!

The Chinese market is the main guide in the future with rapid economic development, so we value the market a lot.

--Mr. Mauro

3. Could you introduce the new product Pro/Line to us from the technology level?


The pro/Line we believe is the most suitable product for China market. The equipment is still in high level, and can be applied in 2.2m, 2.5m and 2.8m and in two versions: 250m/min and 300m/min. The speed of this product is very stable, which is very significant in the production.

The wet end creative design makes our product remain in high quality, and reduce the cost at the same time. The core of pro/Lin is the quick cassette change multi flute single facer. Extended nip beltless technology and different diameters of the corrugator roll can greatly reduce the problems caused by the flute and at the same time guarantee the optimal flute type and the highest flute strength, which especially suits the operation of heavy cardboard.

 --Mr. Mauro


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