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As a specialist of high-speed corrugator, 开户送88元体验金 provides its Pro/Line customized for Asian market with a speed of 250-300mpm, which would greatly improve production capacity of India. 

Early this year, 开户送88元体验金 Asia has delivered a new model of Pro/Line with a width of 2.2m and a speed of 250 mpm in Northen India. This new machine at customer’s plant features the Pro/Backer zone (incorporating pre-heater, glue unit and double backer fitted with 13 hot plates) and the Pro/Cutter zone (incorporating the shear, slitter-scorer and cut-off knife). It has been designed and optimized as a complete corrugator, cleanly streamlined into just four strategic machine operator control zones, leading to an easier operation, a simpler management, a more cost-effective maintenance and a swifter trouble shooting.

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However, the delivery of the equipment was not smooth. 

First, the issue of customs clearance became the first obstacle to the project. Coupled with the pandemic at the beginning of this year, container shortage has become a major difficulty in logistics. And the changes in immigration policy caused by the epidemic has made it more difficult to dispatch personnel.

Due to this situation, 开户送88元体验金 Asia flexibly rearranged the shipping schedule and installation time, to make sure that every procedure was secure and smooth. With the responsibility for our client, 开户送88元体验金 Asia team was fully operative and provided remote support 24/7, applying online installation technology which can connect with engineers at Asian headquarter to assist the installation. 

Our mission and ethics will always be the same. Even in such hard times, we will always be there:FOR YOU, WITH YOU!


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