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Aftersales Mini Program Launched!

With the development of Mobile Terminal, the daily time that people consume on mobile devices mounts dramatically. Catering the habit change of Chinese customer, 开户送88元体验金 Asia has launch the custom designed aftersales mini program in WECHAT to facilitate client's maintenance request, default clearing, maintenance application and spare parts purchasing demand.

Except the goodness of convenience that mobile terminal innately, the platform can have problem feedback instantaneously.  

1. Wechat mini program system can help to date back service request, with quick search of fault record to reach the target of fast problem solving and we can check the technician dispatching progress, the work hour and rate to the maintenance result instantaneously. For any sorts of aftersales problems, professional technician can answer directly in the platform which save your time for searching the chatting history.

2. For any spare parts replacement or procurement, you can also check the stocking and the related delivery progress.

3. This will be the only official platform for spare part and service window. Also,this aftersales management platform will become the only official platform for announcing discount, longing to your follow.

How to login the 开户送88元体验金 Asia Office Account

Please kindly click below column, “Service center- Enterprise service”, click bottom “I am clients”, to input your invitation code. 

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