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Linux software news from Embedded World

Software news from Embedded World includes an open source Google Cloud IoT Device SDK, the LF’s safety-first ELISA project, a binary Debian version of Mentor Linux, and new distros from Wind River and MontaVista. This week we’ve been neck deep in embedded Linux hardware news from the Embedded World show in Nuremberg. There are plenty […]

MontaVista updates CGX Linux distro for 5G and IoT

MontaVista has upgraded its Yocto Project based Carrier Grade eXpress embedded Linux distro to add 5G, IoT, and NFV technology. Cavium-owned MontaVista Software has advanced its Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) Linux development platform to version 2.2 with features aimed at 5G, NFV, and IoT.

MontaVista spins IoT version of its Carrier Grade Linux

MontaVista debuted an IoT version of its Yocto-based Carrier Grade Linux OS, featuring annual major updates, modular structure, and QEMU and Docker support. MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) builds upon and subtracts from its commercial-grade MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) for networking and server applications. The CGX spinoff supports Internet of Things devices, […]

Cavium adds OpenWRT support to Octeon III

Cavium announced OpenWRT Linux support for its Octeon III CN70/71XX SoCs, first available on a reference board and an Itus Networks “Shield” appliance. Cavium’s 64-bit MIPS, 28nm-fabricated Octeon III system-on-chips, including the newer, lower-end CN70XX and CN71XX models, run high-end, commercial, carrier-grade Linux distributions like Cavium’s own MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition or Intel’s Wind […]

Mentor IVI stack achieves GENIVI 5.0 compliance

Based in part on MontaVista’s GENIVI-compliant in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) distribution, the Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) was released in April. In September, it was updated with an integrated version of Jungo Connectivity’s multimedia player middleware, and in October, Mentor Graphics announced a related Mentor Embedded Hypervisor that can work together with ATP and other IVI and telematics systems to enabled multiple VMs running on each core of a multicore SoC.

Mentors IVI stack updated with GENIVI 5.0 compliance

Based in part on MontaVista’s GENIVI-compliant in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) distribution, the Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) was released in April. In September, it was updated with an integrated version of Jungo Connectivity’s multimedia player middleware, and in October, Mentor Graphics announced a related Mentor Embedded Hypervisor that can work together with ATP and other IVI and telematics systems to enabled multiple VMs running on each core of a multicore SoC.

ARMv8 Project Thunder SoC gains Linux support

At ARM TechCon, Cavium demonstrated an SDK for its upcoming ARMv8-based Project Thunder SoC family, and announced Ubuntu support for Project Thunder, while Cavium subsidiary MontaVista announced Carrier Grade Linux support for ARMv8.

Carrier Grade Linux gains v5.0 ARM profile certification

MontaVista Software announced that its MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) 6.0 is the first Linux distribution to have been registered for Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 5.0 under the ARM profile. The move reflects an expected surge of ARM processors in networking and telecom gear. According to the company, MontaVista Linux CGE 6.0 is the [...]

Automotive IVI Linux meets Yocto 1.3, Genevi 3.0

Mentor Graphics has merged the Linux-based automotive infotainment technology it acquired in February from MontaVista Software into its own in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform. Additionally, the new Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) complies with Yocto Project 1.3 and GENIVI 3.0 requirements, says Mentor.

LinuxCertified Announces its next Embedded and Real-Time Linux Development Training course.

LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of Linux training and services, announced its next Embedded and Real-Time Linux Development class to be held in San Francisco Bay Area from June 20th - 22nd, 2012.

MontaVista registered for Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 spec

MontaVista Software announced that MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) 6.0 has been registered as compliant to the Linux Foundation's Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 5.0 specification. MontaVista appears to be the first Linux distro to have registered for CGL 5.0, which was announced at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit last week, offering advancements in everything from streaming media to security.

MontaVista Android platform targets single-Watt ARM11 SoCs

MontaVista Software announced the availability of an Android reference platform for the Econa CNS3xxx ARM11-based processors manufactured by its parent company Cavium Networks. The reference platform offers support for on-chip hardware acceleration blocks, and integrates drivers for peripherals including Bluetooth, 802.11n, and touchscreens, says MontaVista.

MontaVista Aims for Bare Metal with Carrier Grade Edition Linux 6.0

"The Bare Metal Engine is a container that is assigned to a specific core and it's configured such that the engine will get 99.9999 percent of the core's processing power," Dan Cauchy, vice president of marketing and business development at MontaVista told InternetNews.com. "It's not bothered by any of the administrative overhead of a regular Linux kernel."

Linux is coming to an Auto Dealership near you

MontaVista Linux and Robert Bosch Car Multimedia have signed an agreement that will enable Bosch Multimedia to use MontaVista software as their Linux based solution to the high cost of running proprietary software on their infotainment systems.

GoAhead Software Moves to Open Source Business Model

GoAhead Software Moves to Open Source Business Model. GoAhead? Software today announces that it is shifting its business model and technology strategy from its proprietary SAFfire product to an open source software model. Simultaneous with the move to open source, GoAhead is announcing the acquisition of Avantellis from Emerson Network Power. These two significant moves combine to create a new overall strategic direction for GoAhead.

MontaVista buy-out signals consolidation trend, say analysts

After Cavium announced that it will acquire MontaVista for $50 million, analysts are now weighing in on the acquisition. Both Jay Lyman of The 451 Group and Bill Weinberg of LinuxPundit view the acquisition as a sign of a consolidation trend in embedded Linux, while Weinberg points to MontaVista missteps that led to sale.

Semiconductor vendor to acquire MontaVista

Semiconductor firm Cavium Networks announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire embedded Linux pioneer MontaVista Software for $50 million. After the acquisition wraps up in December, MontaVista will run as a separate operating unit, retain its own brand name, and support multiple architectures, MontaVista execs Jim Ready and Dan Cauchy told LinuxDevices.

Linux lies at the heart of another Silicon Valley takeover

Linux lies at the heart of yet another big takeover deal in silicon valley. Chip makers love Linux. That was why, in part, Intel bought Wind River. And it is very definitely the main reason behind Cavium Networks acquisition of MontaVista Software. A truism of today's processor industry is that embedded Linux is the operating system of choice for developers.

MontaVista's market-specific distros support Android, Atom

MontaVista Software announced more Market Specific Distributions (MSDs) for its MontaVista Linux 6 commercial embedded development distribution. The MSDs are separated into industrial automation, multi-core networking, Android, automotive and portable multimedia, and multifunction-printer versions, and support processors from Cavium, Freescale, Intel, and Texas Instruments, says the company.

MontaVista Brings Carrier Grade Linux to Next Gen LTE wireless

Linux vendor MontaVista Software is expanding its Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) product offering to include new next generation LTE (define) wireless and networking capabilities. MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition 5.1 is the first major release of the platform in nearly two years, and remains compatible with most of the underlying architecture from the CGE 5.0 release. With MontaVista Carrier Grade Edition Linux widely deployed in network equipment at service providers around the world, change is not always a good thing and neither is being on the bleeding edge of Linux development.

MontaVista rev's carrier grade distro for 4G

MontaVista Software announced a new release of its Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 4.0 compliant Linux distribution for networking customers, adding support for 4G wireless networks including LTE and WiMAX. MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) 5.1 also integrates OpenSAF High Availability (HA) capabilities and is the first to offer virtual routing and forwarding, says MontaVista.

Opinion: On pramfs and RAM based Linux file systems

A few days ago I received the latest issue of Linux Journal Magazine. I must admit that one of the sections I look forward to reading is diff -u. This section summarizes the latest updates and discussions of the Linux kernel development community. It becomes much easier to read a summary as opposed to signing up for the mailing list because you will just get bombarded with e-mails which can be overwhelming the majority of the time. While reading I came across a Montavista developed project called pramfs. In summary pramfs is a non-volatile RAM based file system, similar to your ramfs and tmpfs with a few differences to distinguish it from the others and in turn adapted for an embedded environment. Two obvious differences are that it is persistent like a traditional disk-based file system and does not reside in volatile DRAM. Pramfs is not new. It was originally announced back in 2004. It is designed to be a simplified file system that does not carry the same weight of the journal-based file systems.

More Platforms With MontaVista Linux 6

Montavista now supports x86, ARM 5 and 6 and MIPS as market-specific embedded Linux. Released in May, version 6 of the embedded Linux operating system now has Versatile ARM 1176 and 926 (ARM versions 5 and 6), the Freescale MPCs 8377, 8349 and 8572, Intel x86 platforms with Pentium and Xeon processors, a number of MIPS and the developer board Xilinx ML 507 on its list of platform-specific distros.

Who is the leader in Embedded Linux? Wind River or Monta Vista?

Intel's Wind River subsidiary is now the leader in embedded Linux, at least when it comes to revenues, according to the market analysis by VDC Research. Wind River, which was acquired in June by Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) for $884 million, has more than 30 percent of the total market revenue for embedded Linux, VDC found. Rival MontaVista Linux sees another story.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 19-Jul-2009

LXer Feature: 20-Jul-2009

MontaVista boasts one-second boot-up

The race to fast boot times is on, with MontaVista making the latest headlines. The embedded Linux vendor announced in the United States Tuesday its latest system is able to boot in one second, and released a video demonstrating a vehicle dashboard system going from cold boot into a "fully operational" state in that time.

MontaVista boasts 1-second Linux boot

It's getting to where a fellow can't enjoy a nice relaxing boot time these days. The latest perpetrator of the conspiracy: Linux application tool vendor MontaVista, which said today that it is demonstrating an embedded Linux system that boots in just one second. MontaVista's Linux demo goes from a cold boot into a sample, "fully operational" vehicle dashboard application in a single second, the company said. It will be showing off the speedy boot performance at the Virtual Freescale Technology Forum this week.

The Fastest Linux Boot Yet? 1 second

The race for the fastest Linux boot has been going on for about a year at this point and now we've got a new winner. Embedded Linux vendor MontaVista today is announcing the demonstration of a 1 second Linux boot. In contrast the fastest production Linux releases today are in the 20-25 second range. To be fair, MontaVista's Linux with the 1 second boot is embedded and designed specifically for the Freescale Semiconductor MPC5121e hardware built on Power Architecture technology. That's not to say they can't get the same performance on other architectures, it's that is the hardware on which the first 1 second boot is being demonstrated.

MontaVista Linux 6 Gets Market Specific

Linux has gained in popularity among server and device vendors as being a good general purpose operating system. When it comes to device vendors which often have different chip architectures and needs than a general purpose operating system provides, there is a need for customization which adds time and expense to a project. Embedded Linux vendor MontaVista is now taking aim at that issue by splitting apart its Linux distribution into what it refers to as Market Specific Distributions (MSDs).

Intel transfers Moblin to the Linux Foundation

I've been writing about Intel's Moblin since 2007. The basic idea is that it's a mobile Linux distribution as well as a community for mobile Linux developers. For Intel, it is a key effort as it works hand in hand with their Atom CPUs. Now after two years of going it on their own, Intel is transferring the effort to the Linux Foundation. Considering that initially at least, Moblin was not something that was welcomed by embedded Linux vendor MontaVista, the move to have Moblin be more open is a good thing.

New online community launches for embedded Linux developers

It probably won't be "Facebook for Linux" but a Web site launching Tuesday is intended to create an online community specifically for Linux programmers who focus on embedded applications such as mobile devices, set-top boxes, industrial controls and everything apart from servers and PCs. The Web site, dubbed Meld, is organized and supported by MontaVista Software, which markets a Linux software stack, services, support and tools for the embedded market.

LXer Weekly Roundup for 12-Oct-2008

LXer Feature: 12-Oct-2008

In this week's Roundup Linux turns 17, Google releases their Linux repositories, a new Linux Broadcom driver arrives and Sean Michael Kerner asks if .NET on Linux is finally ready or not. Also, an introduction to free music production software, Debian leader Steve McIntyre says Lenny might be late and in what I would consider to be an extremely bad idea, the ISO offers to take over maintenance of the ODF standard from Oasis, stating that they are not dealing with defect reports fast enough.

MontaVista Linux drives Dell's quick-boot feature

CEO Rusty Harris revealed MontaVista's role developing the quick-booting, ARM-based processor subsystem expected to ship this year in select Dell laptop models. The "Latitude ON" feature aims to give enterprise laptop users instant boot-up and access to select applications, with multi-day battery lifetimes.

Digital piano adds Linux

Yamaha has added embedded Linux to the electronic "player piano" add-on it offers with some models. With version 3.0 of the Mark IV firmware, MontaVista Linux controls the 333MHz AMD Geode-based piano, enabling new interface possibilities, acoustic recording, and interaction with Web-based services.

Linux distro targets mobile SoC

MontaVista announced that its Mobilinux 5.0 Linux distribution for mobile devices has been optimized for the Freescale i.MX31 system-on-chip (SoC). The optimization brings the total number of Freescale processors supported by MontaVista distributions to ten, says the company.

Montavista reveals Linux debug secrets

Set aside an hour on September 11th or 12th and learn how to debug those complex Linux applications without leaving your desk. Linux application tool vendor MontaVista has scheduled a live online 'webinar' to show off the debugging features of its DevRocket integrated development environment (IDE) for Linux. It says the IDE will help developers build better Linux applications and deliver them to market quickly.

Mini-ITX PowerPC system includes Linux

A board vendor in China/Taiwan is touting a mini-ITX system based on Freescale's fastest PowerQUICC II processor. Micetek, which specializes in 8- and 32-bit processor development boards, said its MPC8349E-mITX system comes with Linux, and can be used to build networking, communications, and "pervasive computing" equipment. Micetek's mini-ITX system is based on its MPC8349E-mITX board, which it appears to have originally developed for Freescale. Freescale resells the board as its MPC8349E-mITXE reference platform, and will feature the board in this fall's 23-city MontaVista/Freescale roadshow.

Embedded Linux World Tour 2007 Demonstrates How to Shorten Time-to-Revenue for Developers in 23 Cities in 9 Countries

MontaVista? Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux? for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, together with Freescale Semiconductor, Avnet, and EBV Elektronik today announced the Embedded Linux World Tour 2007, a series of live seminars for device designers and developers across North America and Europe. Embedded Linux World Tour seminars will be presented in 23 cities in 9 countries between September 4 and November 15, 2007.

Linux for the handset: a rising force

Traditionally, the Linux operating system (OS) has been viewed as being too big, too slow, and without the real-time capabilities needed for mobile devices. But as 20 million Linux-based mobile handsets have shipped over the last two years it's difficult to ignore the fact that the Linux OS has quickly taken its place among the top four OS's for high-end "Smartphone" devices.

MontaVista Presents Free Webinar Detailing New Developments in Real-Time Linux

MontaVista? Software, Inc., the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, will present a free educational webinar examining the latest dramatic developments in the real-time capabilities of embedded Linux. Information and registration for the session is available online at http://www.zlgchina.com The event is scheduled for Wednesday, July 25, at 10:30 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time or 1:30 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time.

ITTIA Previews New Release of ITTIA Database for ESEC 2007 in Japan

May 14, 2007 -- Bellevue, WA -- ITTIA is further strengthening its ITTIA Database management software for embedded systems and devices with the release of version 2.0. ITTIA previews this new release at one of Japan’s largest embedded gatherings, ESEC -- Embedded Systems Expo and Conference. ESEC provides embedded developers with an opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies, such as ITTIA Database.

[ITTIA appears to be non-libre software. - dcparris]

Jitterbit 1.2 Released

Jitterbit has released version 1.2 of their open source integration software that allows users to connect customer data from a variety of sources and formats, such as local and hosted ERP and CRM applications, legacy systems, data warehouses and online marketplaces.

MontaVista buys two UK Companies

MontaVista Software has bought two UK-based companies, MontaVista Limited and Liberte, in a move that strengthens its ability to meet exploding demand in Europe for commercial Linux products and services.

Report: MontaVista 5.0 Aims To Drive Embedded Linux Development

With a major revampment of MontaVista Linux Professional Edition, MontaVista Software hopes to spur development of more embedded Linux systems in handheld PDAs, smart phones, telecom equipment, and all manner of other devices.

Montavista makes new strides with latest real-time Linux offering

MontaVista Software recently released the latest version of its real-time Linux operating system (RTOS), MontaVista Linux Professional Edition 5.0. New to the product are a faster response time, an updated Linux kernel, advanced protocol support, and a host of tools for developers of RTOS systems and applications.

Montavista's embedded Linux app dev tools go "all-plugin"

MontaVista has released a new version of its Eclipse-based toolsuite for embedded Linux application development. Application Developer Kit (ADK) 5.0 features an "all-plugin" architecture for better cross-vendor tools interoperability, supports MontaVista's new real-time oriented Pro 5.0 distribution, and comes with powerful analysis tools and virtual targets, the company said.

Montavista touts faster, smaller embedded Linux

In a nod toward the RTOS market that founder Jim Ready pioneered, MontaVista is shipping a new version of its commercial embedded Linux distribution said to offer true real-time performance along with a very small footprint. MontaVista Linux Professional Edition Version 5.0 boasts enhanced real-time performance and lower resource usage.

Montavista tunes Linux OS for smaller memory

MontaVista Software of California has cut the size of and improved real-time support in its embedded Linux operating system. Called Pro 5, “it has 3Mbyte flash memory requirement”, product director Patrick MacCartee told EW. “Version 4.0 needed 12Mbyte.” Based on open source components, this is “the first embedded OS to provide integration of the latest real-time patches from Ingo Molnar, a leading contributor to Linux kernel development,” said MontaVista. “These patches will provide enhanced user space options in real-time.”

Embedded Linux vendors face market challenges

Foreword: This guest column summarizes results from a recent study on Linux in the embedded systems market by Venture Development Corp. (VDC). The results suggest that commercial Linux OS suppliers, such as MontaVista, Wind River, TimeSys Sysgo, and many others, are struggling to compete with purely open source offerings.

Montavista Linux handsets to be released in Italy

MontaVista Software has strengthened its position as the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure with the development of new advanced smartphones set to be released in Italy.

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